New associate case study

The early dentist catches the discount!

James Wootton profile for blog

Dr James Wootton is one of the newest and youngest of Ross Brooke Dental’s clients. He joined us following our Autumn 2023 campaign with the British Dental Association Benevolent Fund; at the time James had only just started working in general dental practice.

Now he feels up to speed on the financial and tax-related aspects of being a dentist and appreciates the time taken by the RBD team to explain everything. He also appreciates the Quickbooks tutorial which means he is now set up to manage his accounts online.

With little exposure as a student and a couple of accounting talks during his foundation training year, accountancy quickly fell to the back of his mind following completion of his foundation training and uptake of a dental core training job. He did remember one thing: he should find a specialist dental accountant who would be best placed to advise him.

It was then he saw an item in the British Dental Journal about the campaign we ran last year. We were inviting young dentists to join us at a reduced fee and then passing on the monies raised to the BDA Benevolent Fund. In total we donated £1k.

Said Dr Wootton: “I am the sort of person who doesn’t like leaving things outstanding. It’s still over a year before I will have to pay any tax but getting this sorted early was definitely better. Some people seem to think that delaying appointing an accountant will save them money, but the reverse is true.”

“The team at RBD know exactly what I should claim for and have been very helpful. The reduced price entry point was very helpful at a time when I had only just started working in practice.”

Getting sorted early was definitely better.”

The benefits for Dr Wootton of signing up early with Ross Brooke Dental:

  • Advice on what he can set against tax

  • A tutorial in QuickBooks

  • Keeping tabs on income and outgoings