John Miller
John Miller Dental Practice, Oxford

Testimonial from Oxford dentist

Whether it’s a celebrity pick of a luxury item for Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, a song in the Sound of Music or a column in a dental magazine, the opportunity to choose your “favourite thing” is a familiar interview trope.

Many dentists who accept the opportunity to write about their most prized asset, will name a gadget, their Cerec machine, the Wand or their camera, perhaps. The most indispensable item in dentist John Miller’s life as a practice-owner over the last 17 years has been the guidance from his accountant and business advisor Linda Giles of Ross Brooke Dental. He offered to provide a testimonial for the website.

John says Linda was recommended to him in 2005. At the time, he had an accountant he spoke to occasionally on the phone. “He was introduced to me when I qualified and did my tax return annually, but I barely knew him.”

“For every big decision, Linda would produce figures and projections and advise on the tax implications.”

John Miller
John MillerDentist, Oxford

John knew he needed an accountant who could offer specialist business support, as he wanted to buy the practice where he was working. He met Linda to see if they were compatible and quickly knew that they would work well together.

“Linda looked at my tax return figures and could see that the business was a good one with potential for expansion.” Linda and her team, now including specialist dental accountant Nathan Poole, have guided John since then.

Dental practice loans

They advise him on any major financial decisions.  He has taken out several loans, the most significant being to extend the practice onto the top floor. “Once again, Linda could produce figures and projections and she advised on the tax implications. She also handled the landlady to avoid any risk that she might put up the rent!”

Having recently sold his practice, John Miller Dental Care in the Headington area of Oxford, he looks back on his years as a practice-owner. “The thing that I appreciated most is that every year we would have a meeting, usually for about four hours. Linda, now joined by Nathan, understand the business intimately and have all the figures at their fingertips and help me make my business plan for the following year. It’s much more than just going to see your accountant. They provide a very personal touch.”

Responsive dental team

“I have now sold the practice, with Ross Brooke Dental support, obviously. The sale was complex and protracted but Linda was there to guide me throughout, always responsive. I have never contacted Linda or her team without getting a reply within 24 hours, sometimes immediately.”

The key moments when John sought advice and guidance from Linda:

  • Helping him to buy the practice, safe in the knowledge that it was a sound business move

  • meeting up with him annually to formulate a business plan for the year ahead

  • getting a sizeable loan to extend onto the top floor of the practice and create an office, a staff room and an additional surgery which increased his profit and helped enhance the value of the practice for its eventual sale

  • encouraging him to bring in a hygienist five days a week to work in the new surgery, a sound business move

  • dealing with the landlady who owns the dental practice building so she did not increase the rent after the extension

  • helping and supporting with the sale of the practice which was protracted and complex

Looking back, he says, the idea of not having Linda there as accountant and business advisor would be scary. He is glad to see that Nathan has joined Ross Brooke Dental so Linda’s very personal style of dental business support can continue to benefit other dentists like himself.