Catherine Simmons
Moreton Road Dental Practice, Oxford

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Following the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s impossible to predict what dentistry will be like in two, six or 12 months time. But GDP Catherine Simmons knows one thing for certain, Linda Giles and the Ross Brooke Dental team will be her accountants and business advisors throughout.

The support that practice-owners Catherine and husband Robert, a specialist prosthodontist, enjoyed from Linda Giles and colleagues throughout the pandemic was invaluable, she says.

From the start, they were up to speed with all the challenges that COVID brought us.”

Catherine Simmons
Catherine SimmonsMoreton Road Dental Practice, Oxford

“The situation we were in was incredibly daunting. Suddenly we had no patients, no income and the prospect of not being able to work for many months. Linda was knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. Her calm, measured approach was just what was needed, because life was very stressful. She was a counsellor and a mentor as well as our professional advisor. ”

With Linda’s support, the couple furloughed staff and applied for a business loan (CBIL). Catherine prepared a cashflow forecast, which was checked by Linda, and the loan came through in a week. Based on Linda’s highly accurate annual accounts, and guidance with the forecast, all went smoothly!

Newsletters sent out by Linda provided information and ideas to help clients manage their time during lockdown and prepare for re-opening. “Thanks to Linda and her team, we felt well-supported and prepared for whatever challenges COVID brought”

Catherine and Robert were associates at different practices when Linda first became their accountant. In 2002, she helped them buy their first practice., as well as:

  • checking the premises

  • advising on which bank to borrow from

  • which insurance policies to buy

  • associate contracts

  • the financing of the equipment

Her insights were not limited to the purchase of the goodwill but also incorporated all the things that are required of both practice-owners and employers. From the outset Linda’s team looked after the pay roll. Said Catherine: “Pay is an emotive thing. It’s so good for us to have this outsourced and know there is never a mistake.”

Recently, a new recruit at the Practice commented on the accuracy and efficiency of the pay roll system, saying: “I have never worked anywhere where payroll has been sorted out so well.”

It was Linda, says Catherine, who encouraged them to develop their North Oxford practice into a specialist clinic. It was Linda, too, who when the opportunity arose, strongly advised they should buy the building, although it meant a 100% mortgage. It was a major stretch but they have never regretted the decision.

“Linda’s accuracy is amazing. I always turn to her or one of her team if I have a query and they always get back to me. In all the time we have worked together I have never waited more than 24 hours for a response.

“Linda knows about every aspect of dental practice. She is always my ‘go to’ person if I have a question. She usually knows the answer but if she doesn’t, she will know where we should turn.”

This was of critical importance when they realised that the Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) they had worked with for years was not looking after their interests adequately. Linda introduced them to Suzanne Allen of Heritage Chartered Financial Planners and their financial situation has since been transformed. Catherine commented: “I was very impressed because the way Linda and Suzanne and their teams operate is so seamless. You don’t have to tell them both everything twice because they work symbiotically.”

The annual meeting that Linda has with all her clients is detailed and an important date in their calendar.

“Linda arrives and we download our jumbled thoughts,” says Catherine, “which Linda listens to, effortlessly assimilates and then works into a new set of plans for the business in the coming years. She guides us without being dogmatic, allowing us autonomy so we can make our own informed decisions based on the options.”

Catherine concluded: “I don’t know what is around the corner but I do know Linda will be there for us. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had her support throughout our practising lives. Linda and her team have been pivotal to our journey.”