We are dedicated to dentists and orthodontists. We work for both practice-owners and associates, whether sole traders, limited companies or partnerships.

Our first step is always to get our clients on the right business footing, especially if you are starting out as a dentist or becoming a practice owner. We do this by working with you to devise a bespoke one year plan, providing tax advice. We then recommend an annual meeting to ensure you are meeting your goals and to work out a plan for the next year. We undertake accounts, tax advice and audit and you decide how much you want us to do. The more we do, the more you can focus on clinical dentistry.

Dedicated accountants for dentists willie jack testimonial image

Linda makes me aware of what my true financial situation is and that in turn gives me confidence to plan and build so I will end my career at the right time and with enough savings for a good retirement

Willie Jack, Practice Owner

I always have absolute confidence my tax return is completely accurate”

Alastair Smith, Practice Owner

New to dentistry

Many of our established and most successful clients started their working lives by employing us as their accountants and business advisors. We like to get dentists onto a good financial footing at the outset of their career. Making sure the annual tax return is in well ahead of time at the same time as ensuring you are making accurate deductions and paying the right amount of student loan takes away the worry of that first encounter with HMRC. Once you are ready to take the next step, we will be at your side, whether you want to enter into an expense sharing partnership or full partnership or limited company set up, we will advise you on what’s best for you.

Buying or selling a practice

For many dentists and orthodontists, buying and selling are among the two most important lifetime decisions they will make and it’s imperative that the right choice is made at the right time. You need a business advisor with in-depth experience and the right connections to guide and advise you through both processes.

When buying, Linda and Nathan will advise on the following:

  • location and premises
  • financial projections and business plan

  • choice of bank to borrow from

  • raising finance

  • insurance policies

  • associate contracts

  • equipment leasing or financing

When selling, the Ross Brooke Dental team will help vendors prepare for sale, helping you to get the best possible price, advising on practice sales agencies and business terms and even on the buyer. They will help ensure your patients are going to be in the hands of a clinician who will care for your patients as you have done.

Mike Edgecombe testimonial

The key thing which made my practice sale straightforward is that the accounting side of the business was so organised. When the buyers wanted figures, I could produce them quickly. The buyers’ solicitors were so impressed and I have Linda to thank.”

Mike Edgecombe, Practice Owner


Few specialist dental accountants, if any, have as much in-depth knowledge of orthodontic business as the Ross Brooke Dental team. Over the last few years, Linda has been closely involved with clients who submitted tenders for NHS orthodontic contracts and has provided post-tendering advice to orthodontists on behalf of the British Orthodontic Society. Since then, Linda and Nathan have helped their orthodontic clients in a variety of ways, from supporting those with NHS contracts maintain their profitability despite reduced UOAs to helping those who have lost their NHS contracts re-establish as fully private practices.

Linda and Nathan also work with orthodontic clients who are fully private.

Linda and her team operate as part of my team, albeit at a distance. I cannot imagine any other team supporting me as they have done through the challenges of the last 20 years.”

Dr Asif Chatoo, Orthodontist and Principal
Richard Williams
Linda provides a highly professional service yet with a truly caring and personal touch. This is an ethos shared by everyone in Linda’s team, namely Angi, Karen and Nathan. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda and her team to all!”
Richard Williams, Practice Owner