Ross Brooke Dental welcomed into NASDAL

For as long as Linda and Nathan have worked as specialist dental accountants, they have been aware of NASDAL (the National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants). This is the dental-specific association established so member accountants and solicitors can share best practice. Both Linda and Nathan started out in dentistry at a NASDAL firm – Dental Business Solutions – and recognise the power of the brand and the value of information sharing, particularly for the annual benchmarking statistics.

In the intervening years, Linda has worked for herself, through Linda Giles Profit and Planning while Nathan has continued to work for dentists as well as for a big accountancy firm. In 2019 they came together to form Ross Brooke Dental, working independently but under the umbrella of the Thames Valley accountancy firm, Ross Brooke.

Given that they are fully committed to serving the dental profession, whether practice-owners, associates or orthodontists, they decided it was time to join NASDAL

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