Dedicated accountants for dentists improve profitability

Behind every successful dentist…..

It used to be said that behind every successful man is a woman.  Unsurprisingly, it’s not a phrase in popular use now, because it’s sexist on two levels, suggesting on the one hand a man can’t manage without a woman and, on the other,  that a woman’s place is in the background. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

But there is one universal truth – no business can be successful in isolation. So, with two significant tweaks, we are reformatting the phrase to read: Behind every successful dentist is…. a vision of the future.

Dentists, whether practice-owners or associates, have needs which are different from most other healthcare providers. They are expected to combine clinical skills with managerial and business expertise. Very often self-employed, dedicated clinicians may well have a clear idea of the ethos of the practice they want to work in as well as the care they want to deliver to their patients – but are less confident when it comes to appraising a balance sheet or formulating personal and financial goals.

At Ross Brooke Dental  we are experienced at working with dentists and orthodontists in this category.  As chartered accountants and business advisors,

we see it as our mission to enable our clients to get on with caring for their patients. Meanwhile, we provide an external financial arm to their business, giving them the confidence they need to control their finances and develop the goals that they want to achieve. Once they have a vision and a financial plan in place, we work with them to ensure they are working towards a profitable future.

Throughout our website you will find case studies and testimonies of some of these clients, both dentists and orthodontists.  Behind them is a vision and a financial plan honed with us, the Ross Brooke Dental team.

  • Our client commitment explicitly sets out what you can expect from us

  • We offer an annual review, the meeting at which we work with you to reflect on your business in the past year but most importantly, plan for the future

  • Support with personal financial issues – we believe that it can be hard to separate your dental business from the rest of your life and will advise on all financial aspects, whether, mortgage, loans or pay-roll

  • We are 100% dentally dedicated and we advise orthodontists as well as dentists

  • Our annual fee covers the services you want from us – we will never undertake a role or take a fee for a role that we believe someone else is better equipped to deliver, such as a practice sale, pension advice, marketing or recruitment

  • Being part of a network of specialists – we will know who to call upon when you need expertise in matters beyond dental business

If you want to develop a vision for a secure financial future and you want expert support in attaining it, please get in touch: