Growing confidence through collaboration

Suzanne Allen
Suzanne AllenHeritage Financial Advisers
annual review

The way Ross Brooke Dental works with us is exceptional. We have more than 70 shared clients and for the dentists and orthodontists we work with, it’s a powerful relationship, that has worked extremely well for over 20 years.

Linda and Nathan have an intimate knowledge of their clients’ finances and can advise them on all business aspects, such as loans, tax and capital allowances, while my role commences by discovering the clients’ deepest and most profound desires and identifying what’s of real importance in their lives. Only when we’ve reached that stage can we develop their financial plan and help make the best of their investments.

Linda and Nathan are only interested in getting the best for their clients and work with them to get the most out of their business. They also recognise the biggest goal is to help improve the quality of their clients’ lives, so for the clients we have in common, it is a 3-way, trust-based relationship. This ‘joined-up’ approach to organising and managing their clients’ finances, gives them confidence that their key financial professionals are working closely together in their best interests.

This more seamless way of working can save time and cost and reduce client stress and has been particularly appreciated during lockdown. A number of dentists have had to borrow their way out of the pandemic and find that they are now in a different situation from planned. Together with Linda and Nathan, we talk through our mutual clients’ situation and how we can jointly help them.

The Ross Brooke Dental team are constantly looking into the future. Through management accounts they can see where there are opportunities for their clients. Pensions legislation and the NHS Pension Scheme are famously complicated but together with Linda and her team, we have a handle on them, so we can have the conversation and discuss how to make our clients’ pensions work best for them, both the tax planning angles, and also satisfying their retirement needs.

Where necessary, both of us can bring in other advisors, whether lawyers, lenders or wealth managers. When we can’t help, we know people who can. The way in which we work is highly unusual but highly effective and has given rise to a savvy cohort of dentists who are confident about their finances and reassured that they are on track to achieve their long term goals and aspirations.